This Photo Has Not Been Altered

I’m not good at keeping the refrigerator clean or well organized. But every now and again, Spouse asks me to do something about it. The thing is, we have different definitions of what it means to clean out the fridge.

Spouse’s definition is to throw out the expired stuff.

When I clean out the fridge, I take everything out, clean the inside, clean the shelves, and get rid of everything that is expired, unrecognizable, or developed its own civilization. The fact that we did not discover this difference until we had been married for over three years should be an indicator of how often I do my version of cleaning out the fridge.

So by some miracle, we recently had a day with no time-dependent plans, no headaches, and a reasonable amount of energy. And we cleaned out the fridge (my definition) together. Et voila!

My fridge, only clean and organized

My fridge, only better

I was so proud of myself I sent the picture to a friend who is also a frequent visitor and has had to contend with my fridge on more than one occasion.

Me: You would never guess this was my fridge.

A: Anything is possible with Photoshop.

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