I Don’t Know What It Is, But I Want To Try It

A recipe for shawarma, given to me by one is a prince among men, if not the SCA. Our gaming group devoured most of a batch last night (we had to save room for cake).

This recipe is scaled for a total of  5 lbs ground meat.

3 parts ground beef

2 parts ground lamb

1/2 large onion

most of a bunch of parsley

most of a bunch of cilantro

most of a bunch of green onions

2-4 T Penzey’s Turkish seasoning

1-2 t Aleppo pepper

1-2 T salt

1 C dry couscous

4 eggs

1-2 t ground pepper

Combine all of the above, form into oval patties that will fit into half of a round of pita bread, and fry in olive oil. Serve with pita bread and yogurt sauce (below).

More yogurt than you think you need

To taste, add salt, minced cucumber, minced onion, pepper, and garlic

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