Taste This, It’s AWFUL

One of my coworkers is trying to up her protein intake, and tried a new product. The “strawberry kiwi” flavor apparently tastes like ASS!!!!. Not just ass, but ASS!!!! She told me all about it as she tried to resurface her tongue. just to put things in context, she thinks the beet juice our project manager occasionally brings in tastes like dirt, and yet finds it preferable to the protein powder. Probably because the beet juice, while slightly crunchy because of the pulp, at least does not have the same texture as blown-in insulation. But she is ever the optimist. Hence the following conversation:

Her: I have no beet juice
Me: I can fix that— at least it will taste like dirt instead of ass.
Her: LOL. I broke out the Ass just a few minutes ago. Still tastes bad.
Me: I cannot imagine why you think that it would taste any different today
Her: overnight fermentation?
Me: It’s DRY
Her: It could have spawned something
Me: In which case we should call Ghostbusters, not DRINK it.

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